So, I haven’t managed to post for a while, and when I was looking for information as to whether we should make the move or not found this more than annoying. So sorry if you’ve come to our site looking for info in that tricky ‘shall we, shan’t we?’ stage and found a few months of no info. I can update you now though, as I’ve had a moment to log on and type something :)


Basically, the fact I haven’t been updating this is pretty good news imho – I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a spare moment to log on and update the blog. As you’ll know from my last post I got my registration back before Term 3 started, and went and touted myself out. It has been a raging success – I managed to tell my agency I no longer wanted to go back to one school and I’ve still managed to work every day I’ve wanted to, bar one day. The only other days I haven’t worked its because I wanted to go to the hairdresser so booked it off (hark at her!), or its been the 2 week school hols. That day was in the second week back of Term 4, so that’s not too shabby in my opinion. I’ve taken about 1 day off every other week, if that helps anyone with planning, but like I say, that has been my choice.

I’ve been working a lot for the agency, generally the same main school with a couple of days here and there for a couple of other semi-regulars via them, and then there are two main schools I approached myself as well that I work for pretty often – obviously these are far better as I get nearly $100 more a day for working for them, but work is work :)

I started to apply for a couple of contract positions but haven’t heard anything as of yet – I really am thinking the more I get to know staff in schools though this is purely because I’m not TRTing for those schools, and these positions have already really gone to a current TRTer or staff member. This isn’t the end of the world, as one of the schools I directly TRT for might have some positions sooner or later next year, we will see. Massive fingers crossed as its a really really lovely school just around the corner from me (something very different from my agency schools, which are all a bit of a hike away – that’s not such a bad thing though really, see my earlier post about that).

I really hope the rest of Term 4 carries on like this and I manage to get a bit of work at least in Term 1, as I will admit to being a bit worried about the long summer break and me not bringing in any wage at all (the Christmas Casual shop job I applied for doesn’t look like it is happening I’m afraid – boo!), but that’s just me being silly as we can survive on the one wage, it would just be nice to be comfy I guess.

So, good news if you’re heading down this way to teach. Getting a perm. job might not be as easy, but I think if I was working for more schools directly as a TRT rather than through the agency (where I’m not going to get a job due to the massive finders fee the school would have to pay) I would have more chance, so I would advise people who really really want/need that longer term position to take less work to start but build up relationships with schools for direct TRT than go through the agency. But that’s just my two pence worth really – lots of people do get jobs apparently without being a TRT for that school, but its just what my experience is telling me :)

Now, off to do a bit of sorting out for my booking for tomorrow! :)

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